This site is in no way associated or condoned by the jeans manufacturer Seven For All Mankind.

are an institution in today’s hip fashion arena. Many cheap jeans manufacturers are putting out the type of jeans “Seven” has become famous for, but the style and quality just arent there... of course! Anyone with taste and class can wear 7 Seven jeans, they aren’t an item that shouts louder than a conservative, fashion jeans wearer, would be comfortable with not as high end as Christian Dior, but more comfortable :). People from all walks of life are wearing 7 jeans. Some of us prefer to live in jeans, jeans at the office, jeans at home lounging, its almost a lifestyle choice. Seven jeans 7 are made with quality as one of the foremost factors, the cut and fit makes you feel tailored for, as if the seven machinists in the seven factories knew the seven most important measurements for these jeans to fit you seven times better than any other jeans available!! 7 jeans, wear them with pride....


The constantly evolving fashion markets of the world have currently got jeans high on the list of “casual fashion wear” whether they will last is up to the consumer, perhaps they will be around forever?? The author has seen changes in the fashion of jeans lately. In movies and on television there have been appearing new lines of jeans that look like the future will be exciting. It wasnt possible to tell if they were seven jeans or not though. Some new patterns in both jeans and tops, including what has looked like a “flecked” pattern in a brown jean, where the fleck isn’t all over the jeans, but mainly the top third and is of a tan sort of colour. We will be looking into seven jeans new lines very soon to see where they will be heading with their new designs.





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WARNING: this site is in no way associated or condoned by the jeans manufacturer Seven For All Mankind.